DestiMED Transfer Event in Albania Highlights Importance of Sustainable Tourism for Local Communities and Protected Areas

On the 27th of September, Agencia Kombetare e Zonave Te Mbrojtura (AKZM) - the Albanian Agency for Protected Areas - hosted a national final event and presented results from the implementation of DestiMED Project in Albania. As part of DestiMED Project, 2 eco-tourism packages have been developed in North and South regions of Albania.


During the one-day event, participants had the opportunity to learn about the main outcomes of the DestiMED project in Albania. The event proved very popular, with over 80 participants in attendance including, high profile figures such as the Albanian Minister for Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, and Zamir Dedej, the General Director of the National Agency for Protected Areas in Albania. 

Speeches and presentations throughout the day highlighted the importance of sustainable tourism, presenting eco-tourism packages as a key solution to conserving the diverse ecosystems and biodiversity of Albania’s protected areas whilst, synonymously boosting economies and generating employment in local communities.

During the event it was proudly announced that after 2 rounds of testing, carried out by nearly 60 eco-tourism experts, the Albanian ecotourism packages are now ready to be commercialized internationally through the Mediterranean Experience for Ecotourism, more commonly known as the MEET Network.  

The Ecotourism packages developed through DestiMED Project present an exciting, win-win, opportunity for public and private stakeholders to come together and develop ecotourism packages which prioritize quality, sustainability and impact. This sentiment was echoed during the event by the overly positive response from participants who were interested to know more about the ecotourism packages and the Ecological Footprint methodology. Participants were also excited to learn about the many ways Albania is benefitting from DestiMED and the MEET Network and wanted to know about the continuity of these sustainable tourism projects. 

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