Process launched to identify Protected areas in the Mediterranean for the implementation of Pilot Ecotourism Actions

The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation has just launched a call for the identification of coastal Protected Areas (PAs) in Spain interested in the implementation of Pilot Ecotourism Actions in the framework of the DestiMED project. These pilot actions will help define a sustainability standard and a monitoring system for Mediterranean PAs, sustainable ecotourism products, andcreating the preconditions for a Mediterranean Protected Areas Destination management organization (DMO).

All DestiMED partners are currently involved in the process of selection of DesitMED Pilot Areas in their respective countries. This process will be finalised in the spring and by the end of it, 13 Mediterranean Pilot areas will be involved in the initiative, 2 in France, 4 in Italy, 1 in Greece, 2 in Croatia, 2 in Albania and 2 in Spain.

DestiMED is an INTERREG MED project led by Regione Lazio, which involves the IUCN Mediterranean Centre for Cooperation, FEDERPARCHI – Europarc (Italy), MEDPAN – Mediterranean Protected Area NetworkWWF AdriaWWF Mediterranean ProgrammeProtection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania, and the Global Footprint Network. This project aims to build the pre-conditions for a Mediterranean DMO and to further develop and test ecotourism packages, standards, and monitoring tools in 13 protected areas around the basin, within the following countries: France, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Albania and Italy. DestiMED builds on the results of the MEET project (Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism), which created and tested planning and marketing approaches and built the foundation of this network.