Several Protected Areas in Croatia interested in the development of ecotourism

After learning about the outcomes of DestiMED project efforts in the Kornati National Park and the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park, several other Croatian protected areas have expressed interest in the development of ecotourism packages that benefit conservation. This is a direct result of WWF Adria´s work with the aforementioned parks, where eco-tourism offers were created with local suppliers, and successfully tested with international ecotourism experts.

WWF presented the results of its work in Kornati and Lastovo at a meeting of expert services of all Croatian protected areas. After the official presentation, PA representatives enjoyed an exhibition of photos from the tests and tasted local products from Kornati and Lastovo, after which many parks expressed interest in replicating the project´s activities, including the national parks Brijuni and Mljet, nature parks Telašćica, Vranska Lake and Žumberak-Samoborsko Gorje, as well as 12 county public institutions.

."This type of tourism, where small groups are experiencing local traditions and population, is something DestiMED and its partners wants to stimulate, because it supports nature conservation, unlike mass tourism which provides pressures and unsustainable impacts on natural resources. And in the case of ecotourism, profit remains in the local community rather than flowing toward third parties, "said WWF´s Mosor Prvan.

During DestiMED project, local suppliers and other members of the communities work closely with park representatives to create new packages, which are enriched with activities such as fishing with locals or demonstration of traditional honey production. The ecotourism packages developed in Kornati and Lastovo will enter the promotional phase in 2019 and will be offered to the market as part of the MEET Guide (Mediterranean Experience of Ecotourism) together with other Mediterranean protected areas participating in DestiMED.